Međimurje graditeljstvo d.o.o. is a private construction company established in 2000 that carries on the decades-old building tradition of the Croatian region of Međimurje, and has been actively participating in its development. According to its size, annual turnover, number of employees, and its technical equipment, the Company falls into the category of the medium-sized enterprizes in the Republic of Croatia. The main businesss activity of the Company is the construction of structures, predominantly reinforced concrete and masonry structures with the accompanying activities in the area of the execution of the roof assembly, standard siding systems for customized reinforced concrete structures and masonry structures. We have obtained the Approval of the Ministry of Construction for the performing of construction activities on structures falling into the Group B, as well as the license issued by the Ministry of Culture for performing construction work on cultural and historical monuments. We also own a valid ISO 9001:2015 certificate approved by the SGS certification company, as well as a number of individual licenses which prove the qualifications and competence of our personnel.

The Company is registered with the Commercial Court in Varaždin, Co. Reg. Nr. : 070056244, VAT Nr.: 15921860232, with its headquarters in Zagrebačka 42a; in Čakovec. In addition to the confirmed competence in performing the shell and core build out, the Company has sufficient engineering, personnel and technical resources to conclude and implement projects as the main contractor, in accordance with the applicable Law on Construction and the accompanying regulations. The submitted references showing the facilities built and customer ratings confirm the success of our Company in assuming and implemeting the specific project from the site organization stage to the successful technical inspection and the obtaining of the occupancy permit.

The main site engineers are registered with the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers.

In the past period, our Company shared the fate of the construction industry with all the ups and downs it went through. Since the year 2008 which has been the most successful year, and then through seven years of economic crisis, the Company has managed to retain a stable level of business operations and the sufficient personnel and technical capacity for the subsequent period in the market. In the past five years, the Company has achieved an annual turnover amounting to HRK (Croatian kuna) 100 million, and has concluded a large number of more or less demanding projects. We are particularly proud of the constructed or reconstructed tourist facilities, the participation in the construction of the HEPP in Brežice, a large number of energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure projects, as well as a series of residential buildings and public use facilities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia.

Međimurje graditeljstvo d.o.o currently has approximately 200 employees including civil engineers and technicians, as well as the accompanying transportation, machinery and carpenter facilities. Like all the other serious companies, we also have our accompanying marketing and procurement departments, as well as a financial, legal, HR and purchase department, and the safety at work department.

This is just a brief description of who we are, where we are located, and what we do. The most important thing, which is how competent we are, we will leave to our customers, our business partners, our suppliers and subcontractors, as well as our local community and the Croatian construction market to decide.

We are expecting you with great joy.

Međimurje graditeljstvo d.o.o Board of Directors

Čakovec, XII / MMXVII


Zagrebačka 42a, 40 000 Čakovec

GPS coordinates:

Business accounts:
RBA  - HR5224840081100195238
PBZ  - HR2923400091116006532

VAT ID number:
HR 15921860232

Commercial bank:
RBA poslovnica Čakovec
PBZ Zagreb

VAT number:

Phone Nr. / Fax:
385 (40) 379-111  /  385 (40) 379-110


Personal data protection statement



Goran Knežević B. Sc. C.E.

-represents the Company independently and individually


Zdravko Hunjadi B. Sc. C.E.

-represents the Company independently and individually


Marija Halić B. Sc. C.E.

-represents the Company with another Company member



dipl. iur. Bojana Poljak


Mladen Lesjak


Marija Višnjarić / Marina Lajtman / Robert Šestak